We’ve been giving life to unique publishing projects for almost 50 years! They interpretate – possibly at best – illustrators and publishers needing. Our specialization? Children’s Hardbacks, a field which we’ve been operating in since our Company’s birth.

Color rendering is a real religion to us! – We like to say, obviously joking, that from our “pulpit we preach colors”.

Be calm of course, safe that about our products quality we don’t joke at all.

Call us crazy or mad if you like. We’d rather define us totally fallen in love with our printing job.

What we do

Each product is carefully created to meet the needs of publishers, authors, illustrators and, of course, readers!

Top quality, care for detail, exclusive techniques, constant communication with customers (often there during the printing), great support during all phases: this is our style, this is our signature.

We are really on your side, from A to Z.

The Magic of OK to Print

Some of the books we’ve printed

Grafiche AZ

Thanks to our long experience (the company was established in 1971), we can boast a strong know-how in the printing of illustrated books.

Our work starts with listening and develops thanks to a close relationship with our customers. For this reason, we guide and support publishers, illustrators and authors throughout the stages of the project: from the creation of the file to be printed, to the binding, up to the book logistics – together with the largest distribution chains.

Find out more about our philosophy and vision.

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