Grafiche AZ is the leading publishing company in Italy and worldwide when it comes to printing illustrated books. For over half a century, we have been the tireless custodians of publishing excellence, creating unique projects that reflect the essence of Italianness and Made in Italy quality.

Our passion and dedication are rooted in the creation of illustrated children’s books, a field we have operated in ever since our company was founded.

The secret to a publishing project? For us, it lies in the quality of the printing, from the colour rendering to the binding that encloses the finished story. Just as the heart of every story lies in that opening “once upon a time”.

But it is not just a matter of quality: we immerse ourselves in each tale as though we were the heroes, bringing out the knowledge and values that set us apart.

To us, colour is more than just a visual element, it is a religion. With a touch of creativity, we get up on our ‘colour pulpit’ and preach chromatic beauty with a passion that jumps out from every single page of our books.

Call us crazy, but we just love printing.

What we do

Each product is carefully created to meet the needs of publishers, authors, illustrators and, of course, readers!

Top quality, care for detail, exclusive techniques, constant communication with customers (often there during the printing), great support during all phases: this is our style, this is our signature.

We are really on your side, from A to Z.

The Magic of OK to Print

Some of the books we’ve printed

Grafiche AZ

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry (we were founded in 1971!), we boast in-depth expertise in the printing of illustrated books.

Our first task is listening, the next is establishing a close relationship with our customers because we believe that this connection is fundamental in bringing unique publishing projects to life.

It is this ‘partnership’ that allows us to guide publishers, illustrators and authors through every stage of the publishing project:

from creation of the print-ready file to binding, through to logistics management of the book, in cooperation with major distribution chains.

We don’t see books as mere containers of words but genuine works of art and exercises in genius. Everything starts with books. And your story can start here too.

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