Picture Books, Catalogues, Illustrated and Photo Books Printing

Here at Grafiche AZ, printing illustrated books (not only for youngsters) is one of our callings. Just imagine that we’ve been printing illustrated books for children for about 50 years, from the very first day our company was born in 1971! So our specialization is really high.

This very long experience brought us to have a specific know-how, strong, internationally known and unique, which make us face even the most difficult challenges.

Our technical skills allow us to turn the editor’s and illustrators’ “visions” into reality, always paying great attention to the color rendering and the final, visual but also haptic effect of the illustrated book. An example?

Well, never heard about Jimmy Liao?

Well, here at Grafiche AZ we had the pleasure to print some of his masterpieces such as Kiss and Goodbye (Camelozampa), The Rainbow of Time (Terre di Mezzo), All my World Is You (Camelozampa), The Blue Stone (Camelozampa), The Starry Starry Night (Gruppo Abele).

Being able to print while meticulously representing all the chromatic peculiarities of the picture books by the Taiwanese illustrator was a really stimulating challenge, something we think brought us to do our very best.

Yet, Jimmy Liao’s plates are not the only ones that passed through our machines.

Among the others, since their earliest years we’ve been printing picture books by Max Velthuijs, Eric Carle, Fulvio Testa, Lisbeth Zwerger and many other artists. We’ve been working pretty closely with editors such as Bohem Press, Andersen Press, Pastel and other famous Italian and international publishing houses, up to the present moment, working with the best editors in the world like L’Ecole des Loisirs, Enchanted Lion Books, Topipittori, Actes Sud, Coppenrath and many more. To see some of our works, just check our Portfolio.

However, Grafiche AZ is not only a synonym for illustrated books for children and youngsters. Besides dealing with children’s literature, we print art catalogues for galleries and exhibitions, photobooks for editors and publishers specialized in the artistic and culinary fields, and also corporate catalogues, using offset technique.

Basically, if you’d like to print an illustrated or a high-quality photographic book, with an impeccable color rendering, you’re in the right place.

We will follow your project with dedication, staying right by your side from A to Z.

Do you want to print an illustrated book?