Many of the editors collaborating with us have an internal graphic studio; in this case, they send us a high-resolution PDF file ready to be printed, along with its certified color proofs.

If the editors have no internal graphic studio, or the authors are self-published, we provide several preliminary additional services:

  • File drafting
  • Layout
  • Certified color proofs

The price of these services can vary according to the type of project. If you need a customized quotation, you can ask for it here.

You have a secret book? Pull it out!

You’ve got an idea for a book but no time to write it down? You’ve made a draft but you’d like an expert to revise it?

Collaborating with professionals of the sector, we can offer you services such as:

  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Draft revising
  • ISBN code generator

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